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If ever there was any question about the powerful influence that our small press has had on the literary community, 2016 put those questions to rest. BOA's 40th anniversary has been celebrated with events across the country, notes of support from around the world, and an outpouring of goodwill that should make every BOA supporter swell with pride.

The truth is that without you, there is no BOA. In any given year, grant funding and individual donations comprise more than 50% of our operating budget. Thus every reader that we reach, every award that we win, every author whose writing nurtures and supports...all of our work is done in partnership with you.

As you will see our 2017 list of titles continues BOA's 40-year tradition of publishing poetry and literature that is rich in diversity and world-class in its accomplishment. BOA continues to launch the careers of brilliant new poets and writers, to support the ongoing work of incumbent BOA authors, and to publish the best new poetry and fiction the world has to offer.

Your tax-deductible contribution will help ensure that the seeds that BOA has planted for 40 years continue to grow, blossom, and bear fruit. On behalf of our board, staff, authors, and readers, we thank you for your invaluable support.


With a gift of $1,000: You will be recognized as a supporter in BOA's Fall 2017 titles, listed below, and will receive a copy of each book. You will also receive a limited edition BOA publication.

With a gift of $500: You will be recognized as a supporter in BOA's Fall 2017 titles, listed below, and will receive a copy of each book.

With a gift of $150: For each $150 increment of your contribution you will be recognized in the 2017 BOA title(s) of your choice. For example, one title for $150, two titles for $300, and so forth. You will also receive a copy of each book you choose to support.


My House Gathers Desires, Adam McOmber
Dark, haunting, and erotic short stories drawn from history, Biblical lore, fairy tales, science fiction, and nightmares.

Sky Country, Christine Kitano
One family's lore from Korea to Los Angeles to Upstate New York told in poems that flow with endless surprise and heart-opening honesty.

All Soul Parts Returned, Bruce Beasley
Beasley blends theology, physics, neurology, philosophy, and visual arts with the realities of daily life in modern America.

The Smoke of Horses, Charles Rafferty
Prose poems that revel in the absurdity of life's small travails and celebrate the complex connections that keep our humanity alive.

An Orchard in the Street, Reginald Gibbons
Brief fictions that flash with originality and simmer in the melancholy of family, love, and betrayal.

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