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The Hymns of Job - BOA Editions, Ltd.

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The Hymns of Job

By: Maya Bejerano Tsipi Keller

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About This Title

Maya Bejerano has said that "Writing is a kind of pretending." That "Poetry gives verbal attire to an elusive and dark world. It's a kind of pretending because it's not the thing itself, but the words that express it.”   Since she published her first poem (1970) in Masa, the literary supplement of Davar, Maya Bejerano has been a strong and distinct presence in contemporary Hebrew poetry. Like many poets of her generation – first generation after WWII –  Maya was born in Israel to immigrant parents (from Bulgaria). To a large extent, the poetry of these poets gives expression to two states of consciousness, one of existential apprehension inherited from their immigrant parents, and one of a wild sense of freedom and liberation. Most of these poets spoke a different language at home, and their encounter with Hebrew was often bewildering, but also invigorating. A lot has been said about the sepulchral weight that Hebrew has had to carry, but in Israel today the Bible and the "mekorot" (sources) are an integral part of everyday life and speech. Biblical references and allusions are commonly heard and used side by side with new slang words, and with locutions and technical terms borrowed from the English. This fusion of high and low, of the colloquial and the archaic, makes for interesting and exuberant juxtapositions, both in the language spoken on the street and in the poems. Bejerano’s work typifies this fusion and takes it to new and unique levels. The Hymns of Job and Other Poems is the first volume of Bejerano’s work to appear in English translation, thus bringing to the American reader a versatile and original poet.


          for Dorit

Life racket, sickness racket
happy racket sad racket
spring racket
winter racket
what a racket in me
a racket of the particular and the vague
something wasteful and agreeable
the racket of travel and the racket of love
the racket of weakness or the racket of strength
the racket of brightness and the racket of darkness
the racket of meetings
the racket of longing for distances and fears
and the racket of children blurs them all;
the racket of kisses covers me all over
the racket of festivities the racket of movement
and listening to the racket of speech

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