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By: Lucille Clifton

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About This Title

Winner of the National Book Award

Lucille Clifton understands that other people's joy, grief, and loss stand in direct relationship with her own. Amid turns sad, exuberant and angry, her voice has always been one of great empathy and wisdom -- as she says, "the only mercy is memory." In Mercy, her eleventh book of poetry, the National Book Award-winner speaks to the tenuous relationship between mothers and daughters, the open wounds of terrorism and racial prejudice, and the redemptive gifts of faith and art.

An Excerpt from "surely i am able to write poems"

surely i am able to write poems
celebrating grass and how the blue
in the sky can flow green or red
and the waters lean against the
chesapeake shore like a familiar,
poems about nature and landscape
surely     but whenever i begin
"the trees wave their knotted branches
and..." why is there under that poem always
an other poem?

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Available editions:
Cloth ISBN: 1-929918-54-2
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Publishing Date: August 2004
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Publishing Date: August 2004