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Diana, Charles, & the Queen

By: William Heyen

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About This Title

In Diana, Charles, & the Queen, William Heyen captures the successes and shortcomings of the royals and allows us to see, through his poetic vision, the humanity of each character: the young Elizabeth contemplating love while crying into a cloth woven by Gandhi, a gallant Charles courts a wide-eyed Diana with anecdotes of his travels, and gradually, we see the marriage of Diana and Charles crumbling in its later years. Completed before Diana's death, this book is a multi-leveled literary work, stunning in its depth, and far removed from what has previously been offered the reading public on the subject of the royal family.


At Windsor, this artifact: the bullet
from Lord Nelson's heart; & this: the shirt
worn by Charles I when executed—
still stained black with his blood;

& these: the prayer book of Sir Thomas More;
from Joan of Arc, one charred molar;
the Green Knight's sword & breastplate;
Grendel's evil eye solidified to agate. . .

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Paperback ISBN: 1-880238-69-1
Price: $12.95
Publishing Date: January 1998