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You and Yours

By: Naomi Shihab Nye

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In You & Yours, Naomi Shihab Nye continues her conversation with ordinary people whose lives become, through her empathetic use of poetic language, extraordinary. Nye writes of local life in her inner-city Texas neighborhood, about rural schools and urban communities she's visited in this county, as well as the daily rituals of Jews and Palestinians who live in the war-torn Middle East. Balancing direct, unstated language with a suggestive "aslantness,"  Nye probes the fragile connection between language and meaning. She never shies from the challenge of trying to name the mysterious logic of childhood, or speak truth to power in the face of the horrors of war. She understands our lives are marked by tragedy, inequity and misunderstanding, and that our best chance of surviving our losses and shortcomings is to maintain a heightened awareness of the sacred in all things.

Excerpt from "The Day"

I missed the day
on which it was said
others should not have
certain weapons, but we could.
Not only could, but should,
          and do.
I missed that day.
Was I sleeping?
I might have been digging
in the yard,
doing something small and slow
as usual.
Or maybe I wasn't born yet.
What about all the other people
who aren't born?
Who will tell them?

Publishing Date: September 2005
Paperback ISBN: 1-929918-69-0
Cloth ISBN: 1-929918-68-2
© BOA Editions, Ltd 2005