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Cool Auditor reviewed in Publishers Weekly

[caption id="attachment_204" align="alignleft" width="201" caption="Cool Auditor by Ray Gonzalez"][/caption] Congratulations to Ray Gonzalez on this new review of his prose poetry collection Cool Auditor in the most recent issue of Publishers Weekly! In his 10th book, renowned prose poet Gonzalez proclaims he is at “the crossroads in [his] throat” where he “looks both ways.” Gonzalez is as quirky as ever, matching the didactic tone and jargon of a scientist with the sensibilities of artists like Kenneth Rexroth, Hart Crane and Picasso, among others, who walk in and out of the poems. Juxtaposition of unlike images is Gonzalez's m.o., making for...

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Molossus celebrates BOA translations

Molossus describe themselves as, "an online broadside of intelligent world conversation, with a primarily—though not exclusively—literary focus. We publish original interviews, reviews, essays, reportage, & more. We reprint selected work, too. We publish interviews & reviews on a weekly basis, with a commitment to contributing toward the transatlantic and English-language diaspora dialogue. We are especially keen to review literature in translation & book arts editions of contemporary literature." Here at BOA, we feel strongly that poetry-in-translation is an important part of our publishing mission. We're fortunate to have the backing and support of the Lannan Foundation in publishing our translation...

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Jennifer Kronovet’s "Awayward" is Way Inward

A solid review of AWAYWARD by Jennifer Kronovet. This review was written by Jake Marmer and appear on Forward magazine's website: Reading Jennifer Kronovet’s recent collection “Awayward,” you may think she’s translating from another language, transposing foreign syntactical structures, turns of phrase, rhythms, tonalities — a whole unfamiliar psyche — into English. Kronovet’s speculative original is forever inaccessible, and can only be known through her translation. “Known”, though, would be to overestimate its accessibility because, while at all times confident and articulate, her poetry remains exotically alien and outside of the normal conventions of meaning. If anything, it is...

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BOMB review of On the Winding Stair

"No syllable is squandered in the lush descriptions; each word builds upon the previous to fashion an existence both delicate and decrepit. Howard’s sentences read as if she’d spun them in a linguistic centrifuge to rid them of excess. What remains is condensed, colorful, necessary."

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