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Brooklyn Rail Loves On the Winding Stair too...

[caption id="attachment_302" align="alignleft" width="201" caption="On the Winding Stair. Stories by Joanna Howard."]On the Winding Stair. Stories by Joanna Howard.[/caption] While we're talking about On the Winding Stair... here's another new review by John Madera for The Brooklyn Rail. Here's a taste - you can follow the below link for the complete review: "Joanna Howard’s lapidary debut On the Winding Stair is an escalier spiraling with brocaded lyricism, alternately swathed in darkness and bathed in phosphorescence. Metaphysical spaces coexist with vivid corporeality in a place where words aren’t so much modified as they are baroquely embellished, cast in irreality; we have, as in “Ghosts and Lovers,” “[t]he fantastic, the unthinkably thick swirl of sudden change.” Brooklyn Rail review of On the Winding Stair
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