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Academy of American Poets reviews THE END OF PINK

The Academy of American Poets recently published a glowing review of Kathryn Nurnberger's The End of Pink in American Poets magazine and on Reviewer Jennifer Michael Hecht notes the book's strong themes, specifically the loss of innocence and the complexities of motherhood, which resonate throughout.

"Nuernberger’s second book is a visit to the end of innocence and an entry into the war-zone years of getting pregnant, giving birth, and early motherhood. The poet speaks this testimony through her fascination for nineteenth-century medical arcana and the various languages of science. On her own life she sneaks in wild testimony: there is blood and the memory of blood on nearly every page."

The review highlights Nuernberger’s fascination with historic medical and scientific texts, and how the poet uses them as tools for self reflection.

"Her title is biological and superbly direct about the shocks of the world-fulfilling age of ripening."

Click here to read the full American Poets review.

The End of Pink is available now at the BOA Bookstore.

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