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Poem of the Week: January 7, 2019

Hello readers! Every week, BOA's staff and interns share a special poem from our over 300 collections of poetry. This week's poem is from A. Poulin, Jr. Selected Poems.

The Angels of Eternal Life

If they remain alone, they never die.
Their unmatched molecules are perfect,
charged with energy distilled of
entropy. Forever radiant with that
one moment when they were utterly
happy and fulfilled light-years before
their birth, their eyes are moons
staring at the sun, all day, all night.

But they have to know each other. So
they walk the streets, searching empty
eyes of other beautiful strangers,
desperate for one glimpse of such in-
human ecstasy. And when they find
each other, look, then stare with all
the fury of their awesome loneliness,
slowly they become transfigured into
lovers married years ago, fading and
defaced reflections of each other.

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