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Connotation interviews Sean Thomas Dougherty

In a fascinating new interview with John Hoppenthaler of Connotation Press, BOA poet Sean Thomas Dougherty discusses everything from writing habits to early work, from Frank O'Hara to Bob Dylans's Nobel Prize.

Here are some of the highlights:

About his writing habits, Dougherty says, "I learned a long time ago to write down on scraps of paper lines as they come to me through the dailyness. At the end of the day I might have five or six slips of papers, hastily written I-did-that-or-this-notes, noticings, and a random metaphor, a witnessing of some interaction I saw at the bus-stop or on the sidewalk, as I walked or drove passed."

Further in the interview, Dougherty shares some news for readers: "... I don’t write much anymore. I finished my next book for BOA and I am done for a long time. I don’t write every day or even every week. My books I produce in a few months, when I decide to make one, or maybe better put when the duende arrives with my dead. I still write noticings, I collect fragments, I still do the work of seeing as an artist..."

According to Hoppenthaler, Dougherty might be "the only poet on Facebook to have not addressed Bob Dylan's receiving of the Nobel Prize in Literature."

Dougherty's thoughts? "Poets spend too much time worrying or celebrating awards. I honestly can’t even remember who won the Pulitzer the last few years. . . . a Nobel for Dylan makes sense. His songs were more than songs but a kind of background for a revolution? But what is an award for a failed revolution or any revolution or song or poem? For what is an award anyways? What is literature? Some 19th century born colonial category. But the poem, ah the poem. Can you hear it? Go out into the fields, it says, the fields of the streets; the sparrows are waiting for their bread. We are the sparrows. The poem is the bread."

Click here for the full Connotation interview with Sean Thomas Dougherty.

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