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Dallas Morning News calls EDUCATION 'dazzling'

Dallas Morning News has featured a new review of James McManus's fall 2015 book The Education of a Poker Player. Reviewer Alex Lemon praises the work, particularly McManus's voice, which he calls "fresh, original, and alive." "McManus’s straightforward prose sharpens slyly as Vince’s evolving narration comes of age. The Education of a Poker Player follows Vince as his inner life is shaped and reshaped by theological devotion, burgeoning sexuality, and the ramrod vicissitudes of the people that surround him . . . Hilarious tensions begin working their way through the story line because Vince is just as curious about his expanding world as he is impressionable . . . With every page, the religious conviction embedded in Vince by his family erodes." The review continues: "When McManus writes about the social dynamics of teenage boys he is hilarious and dazzling. This poignancy continues throughout the book’s second half as Vince becomes more emotionally complex. McManus’ writing is often brilliant — especially on baseball, poker, Catholic arcana, the juvenile humor of young men, and impressionable interactions between the young and authority." Read the complete Dallas Morning News review, and purchase your copy of Education from the BOA Bookstore today! Now through December 18, save 25% on all BOA Bookstore orders during the BOA Holiday Sale! Use promo code SHOPBOA at checkout.
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