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RALPH review: Erika Meitner 'has what it takes'

Copia_Bookstore A recent review from RALPH [The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities] explores the difference between "poets" and "Poets" while reflecting on Erika Meitner's ability to connect poetry to readers. According to the review, "poet poets write lines that end-stop, occasionally use rhyme and rhythm and symmetry and a weird wrong metaphor to convey their stuff. But it is stuff (and nonsense) and you know they Just Don't Have It." "You want stuff that talks the life out of you into you, the salt-mine we call life which ain't out there, it's in here. Where we've been all this time--trying to get out, not able to get out, only get used to it. The Poets help us do that." Such is the case with "Poet" Erika Meitner and her new book Copia: "She has what it takes ... The key to the work and worth of a Meitner is that it feels right. She can throw in an aside that will resonate with all of us..." There is no lowercase P for Meitner: "She can write about cell phones and spray paint and 'The Latin root of mercy' and her Yiddish grandmother who came from Yiddishland ... She can write about love in anonymity and love of anonymity ... She can cram a whole experience into two lines ... Meitner likes playing with and at and around the edge." Click here to read the full RALPH review. Erika Meitner's poetry collection Copia is available at the BOA Bookstore.
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