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Galatea Resurrects calls Volkman's NOMINA 'gorgeously energetic poems'

Nomina_FrontCover A review from Galatea Resurrects calls Karen Volkman's Nomina "a work whose sonnets’ flash quicksilver modifications, an impressive display of Petrarchan rhyme and, to some degree, a restricted verbal palate, so long as one reads 'restricted' as willful, as could be with a painter who chooses to work within a specific degree of hues. In tandem, these aspects create a thriving culture in which elaboration leads to acceleration." Reviewer Adam Strauss commends Volkman's bold use of the Petrarchan rhyme scheme, saying that it creates a "most gauchely delicious" feeling. "Nomina has as many gorgeous, gorgeously energetic poems within its pages as one could want." He continues, "It is a pleasure to read work which, again and again, working a wild fluency, capitalizes on the potentials of swerving from conventions with Baroque gusto as opposed to emerging out of default or its environs. Volkman puts on a show, makes of reading, as Andrew Marvell knows in his poem 'The Gallery' and as Elizabeth Bishop writes in 'The Colder the Air,' a site where 'air’s gallery marks identically / the narrow gallery of her glance.'" Click here for the full Galatea Resurrects review. Nomina is available at the BOA Bookstore.
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