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Booklist: Revising the Storm is 'wonderfully complex' and 'entertaining'

RevisingTheStorm_Bookstore Booklist is also paying attention to Geffrey Davis' new collection Revising the Storm, calling it a "wonderfully complex and entertaining debut." Much of Revising the Storm centers on family. "Thematically, Davis hits some strong subjects: missing fathers, marriage and divorce, early years and rebirth, all painful twists of reality and even sentimentality that make families too close for comfort yet often beyond reach ... Davis' poems are sweeping, lyrical glimpses into masculinity, violence, drug use, and history." Instead of escaping them, Davis is able to revise these subjects and experiences into something strikingly beautiful. According to the review, Davis is a "gifted wordsmith," and "these poems are fresh and well-chiseled in word and line." Revising the Storm is now available at the BOA Bookstore. To celebrate National Poetry Month, BOA is offering FREE SHIPPING on any order through April 30! Enter promo code BOAPOETRY in the discount box at checkout to save.
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