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Kuipers writes 'like a sucker punch to the stomach'

Beautiful in the Mouth by Keetje Kuipers According to American Microreviews and Interviews, Keetje Kuipers' first collection Beautiful in the Mouth "is a body of work bursting with 'much goodness' and many truths, some hard to read, yet impossible to forget." "Uncommon imagery prevails in this collection," says reviewer Dana D. Livermore. "However, what struck me most is the amount of angst and passion Kuipers can pack into a single phrase or line, which often lands like a sucker punch to the stomach; you feel it in your gut." Noted in the review is the distinct sense of embodiment in Kuipers' poetry. " body reacts to Kuipers’ poetry in ways I personally find quite profound and exciting ... Numerous allusions to the many minute physical aspects of the body throughout this collection create powerful meaning time and time again." This stirring collection is rife with surprising imagery using traditional poetic forms and devices. It is deeply written and deeply felt. "Never before have I read a collection of poetry in which nearly every poem echoes my own thoughts and misgivings on what it means to be a woman, to be in or out of love, to grapple with mortality, to finally embrace the volatile nature o f the self, or to deal with 'the consequences/ of happiness.' This is an intruiging collection that deserves your heart's attention. I fell in love. I hope you do too." Kuipers' new Spring 2014 collection The Keys to the Jail is now available at the BOA Bookstore. Get your hands on both copies, today. Click here to read the complete review from American Microreviews and Interviews.
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