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Jewelry Box is 'supercharged' and 'brilliant' -DIAGRAM

jewelrybox_bookstore According to DIAGRAM, Aurelie Sheehan's new collection Jewelry Box is "supercharged, as brilliant as rare metals mined from base earth." "It's worth unpacking how apt the title Jewelry Box is for this collection of histories (fragments, memories, stories, moments). The experience of reading these is akin to that of opening a jewelry box, exploring what's inside it..." The 58 short works in this collection (some only a paragraph, others a few pages) straddle memoir and fiction, exploring the nuances of sexuality, motherhood, love, and ambition. Like Lydia Davis, Sheehan's stories are potent miniatures that blossom out from seemingly insignificant encounters and objects. "...the value is in each piece's ghostly history, where it has been, whose it was, what resonant deep emotions (pains, joys, fears, loves) are embedded in its tiny form. These histories can be quiet, and they can be loud. They can be momentous and they can be focused on almost overlookable interstices between such memorable moments ... There is an energy, a humor, and a raucous charge running through these stories, building beyond itself." "These stories explore and expose the related idea that all moments are moments 'of art,' and in Jewelry Box those moments are crystallized, captured in glass, enwrapped with rare metals, held close and cherished." Click here to read the entire DIAGRAM review. To purchase your own copy of Jewelry Box, visit the BOA Bookstore.
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