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Diadem is 'unconventional' and 'timeless' -HTML Giant

Diadem_FinalFront HTML Giant is calling Diadem (BOA, 2012) "a collage of images ranging from the surreal to the innocent and childlike." The collection, with poems by Marosa di Giorgio, translated from the Spanish by Adam Giannelli, "paints surrealistic and beautiful pictures of culture, childhood, sexuality, and death." "...these poems could be read as a novel, cover to cover, or on their own as individual pieces, and they would still have the same power and depth. The poems themselves blend and blur the lines between each other, in effect recreating an idea of recalling memories of the past; sometimes fantasy, sometimes all too real, and always fleeting and hard to properly pin down ... What is here, in print, is the distillation of memory, stories, and ‘real life’, into something moving and beautiful ... That is the true essence of these pieces; that they feel natural, real, meaningful, despite incorporating fantasy and surreal images." "These poems, or prose poems, are both unconventional and timeless, sharing the space of confusion and simplicity in the same breath." Click here to read the full HTML Giant review. Diadem is available for purchase at the BOA Bookstore.
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