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Much Attention for "The Folding Star" [Radio and Print]

BOA's 2012 translation of Jacek Gutorow's The Folding Star and Other Poems was featured in The West Coast Translation Review earlier this month. In "Jacek Gutorow and Contemporary Polish Poetry," reviewer Kaitlin Dyer contrasts Gutorow's work with that of previous Polish poets: "...while Gutorow may draw on the roots of Polish poetry, he also departs from the well known tradition." Dyer describes Gutorow's writing as "distinct and evocative," its diction "commanding." According to the review, this makes Gutorow an artist of particular interest for readers of Polish poetry, as it focuses more often on questions than resolutions. Gutorow is characterized as a poet with a well defined and authoritative voice, who "has clearly mastered the ability to make metaphor seem distinct." The review recommends The Folding Star for its unique place in contemporary Polish poetry, as well as its unusual and decisive language: "Gutorow's imagistic, lyric voice effectively draws the reader and continually surprises him/her with his deft use of craft." Gutorow's poem "The Weeds," from the translation, was recently read on-air for Sante Fe Public Radio show Audio Saucepan. The show mixes diverse genres of music with interpretive readings of poetry on KSFR 101.1 FM ( In related news, Piotr Florczyk, translator of The Folding Star, was interviewed on KPBS Radio last month. Listen to the interview to hear Florczyk read his poem "Still Life With Apples," and also discuss the art of translation with poet Jenny Minniti-Shippey, managing Editor for Poetry International. In discussing the role of poetry and translation in our daily lives, Florczyk says: "...we actually do translation on a daily basis. We look at the world, we look at the people around us, we think, we experience things, and then we sort of translate those things into language, into words in order to share those experiences with other people... it's very true that actually very few poets can make a living as poets. But that doesn't mean that poetry isn't important to the rest of us. It really remains a vital component of our existence and our outlook as human beings. So whether people write poetry to express themselves, or they seek out poetry to help them make sense of the world and what's going on or happening in their lives, it's one in the same, really."  Purchase The Folding Star and Other Poems at the BOA Bookstore.
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