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To Keep Love Blurry is 'refreshingly human' --The Rumpus

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In a recent review by The Rumpus, Craig Morgan Teicher's To Keep Love Blurry is praised for its "attention to our formal and confessional roots," as it includes and compares with such "giants" as Robert Lowell, Sylvia Plath, and Robert Frost. As Teicher's "sensitive poems explore the 'blurriness' in marriage, parenthood, and personhood," the thorough review notes how the poet "seems driven to avoid the affects of his predecessors." Teicher straddles true confessional poetry with the "constructed voice," which can turn "clumsy, complex emotions into a more attractive, better sounding object," and thus, "encourages thoughtfulness but often falsifies our real admissions and apologies." "With these refreshingly human, formal, playful, and heart-wrenching poems, Teicher not only proves that form may be adapted to fit a contemporary idiom, but that he’s built his own 'Life Studies' within the confessional tradition, one which pushes against his predecessors' self-aware and often selfish use of confession, successfully re-enervating the sense of a real life behind the voice." Read the full review, here. Get To Keep Love Blurry on your bookshelf, today.
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