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'To Keep Love Blurry' on List of Recommended New and Recent Collections

Craig Morgan Teicher is high on On the Seawall's list of recommended new and recent collections for his latest, To Keep Love Blurry. "Teicher is gifted in his plainspoken articulations of a world steeped in disequilibrium for the child and parent alike. But disequilibrium does not engender despair. Teicher’s many vertiginous shifts do not leave us in a landscape of ennui, though a summary of the book’s subjects might suggest this — the loss of his mother while still a child, the fear of failed artistic accomplishment, the often inscrutable responsibilities of fatherhood and marriage. But such fierce challenges, such exacting portrayals of suffering, remain infectiously subversive of sorrow." Reviewer Rusty Morrison likens Teicher's captivating concept of "blurriness" to political philosopher Giorgio Agamben's claim that "[t]he ways in which we do not know things are just as important (and perhaps more important) as the ways in which we know them.” "What can it mean To Keep Love Blurry — an infinitive phrase suggesting not only value but vigilance. In his second poetry collection, Craig Morgan Teicher demonstrates what is irreconcilable in our commonplace...Obviously, wise elders abound in this collection, but none will quite account for Teicher’s vigilant candor in the ways that he vitally enacts the “blurry.” Even in a collection that is rich with the past’s re-enactment, he admits that the most relevant memories, the most clarifying instances of forgotten dream, are most likely irretrievable, 'locked away somewhere.' Surprisingly, Teicher lets us feel the ways in which such a memory’s very irretrievability will offer him something more valuable than clarity..." To read the article in its entirety, click  here. Click here for To Keep Love Blurry. ATeicher.jpeg Image courtesy of
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