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Enlightening Interview with Richard Foerster

Most people know Richard Foerster as a poet whose BOA books include Trillium (1998), Double Going (2002), and The Burning of Troy (2006). However a look inside most any BOA book on your shelf would reveal Richard Foerster as the typesetter behind BOA's beautiful finished collections. To use a rock-n-roll analogy, Richard is "the fifth Beatle" at BOA - a typesetter and proofreader extraordinaire who makes sure our books are as beautiful looking as the poems are beautiful to read. Richard recently gave an extensive interview with Connotation Press about his life and poetry. His responses revealed his perspective on topics ranging from his childhood to his opinion of current culture. When asked about his family's reaction to his poetic path, Foerster replies: "There has never been any encouragement; instead, a certainty that I am wasting my life on a mere 'hobby,' one that will never provide me with a 'decent retirement.' They may be right, but for me to have pursued what they would deem a suitable 'career,' I would have had to forfeit a large chunk of my soul." In the poetry world, we're all thankful that Richard pursued his passion! Read the whole interview here [Richard Foerster interview with Mia Avramut] [caption id="attachment_2101" align="alignleft" width="118" caption="Richard Foerster, BOA poet and typesetter"]Richard Foerster, BOA poet and typesetter[/caption]
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