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Louis Simpson, Rest in Peace

On Friday, September 14, the poetry community lost one of its most dedicated senior members: Louis Simpson. BOA was fortunate enough to publish Mr. Simpson's poetry over the years including, most recently, National Book Award finalist The Owner of the House: New Collected Poems 1940-2001, and his final collection, Struggling Times (BOA, 2009). The BOA Editions family mourns the passing of Louis Simpson and sends condolences to all of his family and loved ones. Here is a link to Mr. Simpson's New York Times obituary: [Louis Simpson, Poet of Everyday Life, Dies at 89]. As BOA published Louis Simpson during his life, we honor his legacy with a poem from his final collection, Struggling Times: Suddenly The truck came at me, I swerved but I got a dent. The car insurance woman informs me that my policy has been cancelled. I say, "You can't do that." She gives me a little smile and goes back to her nails. Lately have you noticed how aggressively people drive? A whoosh! and whatever. Some people are suddenly very rich, and as many suddenly very poor. As for the war, don't get me started. We were too busy watching the ball game to see that the things we care about are suddenly disappearing, and that they always were. [caption id="attachment_2042" align="alignleft" width="195" caption="Louis Simpson, BOA poet"]Louis Simpson, BOA poet[/caption]
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