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'The baffling aspects of existence': Library Journal on Theophobia

Theophobia_med In a recent review from Library Journal, Bruce Beasley's Theophobia is called "an investigation into the physical world and what lies beyond." Reviewer Chris Pusateri immediately picks up on the essence of Beasley's new work by identifying what the poet already knows and participates in so boldly: the truth of humanity's ongoing search for sense and meaning of the world and humanity's role within it. According to the review, humans have practiced "philosophy, science, politics, religion, and poetry in the hopes of explaining the baffling aspects of existence." This new book by Beasley addresses the same questions we have asked ourselves since the dawn of history, but it does so through "modern, metaphysical poetics," focusing largely on the "Latinate categories of the natural sciences and the faith-based investigations of Christian theology," making them questions we've never quite heard or asked before. Library Journal's VERDICT?: "An investigation into the physical world and what lies beyond, this book will appeal to enthusiasts of poetry and the subjects that Beasley mines." Theophobia is set to officially release on October 16, but advanced-copies are available for purchase TODAY in the BOA bookstore!
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