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"Clever, often humorous" says a review of Reindeer Camps!

A couple days ago, Minnesota Reader posted a review of Reindeer Camps by Bart Sutter. The author of the review, Mike Link, warns of the difficulty to write reviews of poetry, but that doesn't stop him from giving a thorough and honest rundown of the book that we'd love to share with you! The review discusses the book in its sections, or "chapters if it was prose." The first section examines darker things, the ones that "challenge our perspectives." There were certainly tons of quotes from the book, always handy with a line or two to support one of the points being made. "His lines are clever, often humorous and always thought provoking – 'Father, Holy Ghost, and Son Were peanuts in a single shell' and we glimpse perception in lines like: 'A five-year-old doesn’t judge but sees.' " "Those Finnish Folk," in the second second section of Reindeer Camps, had everyone at Minnesota Reader laughing. This poem is an ode to Sutter's dog, while the entire section is about a sense of place. The third is about the Bush administration. The fourth loosely combines a collection of things, and section five is one that many BOA readers can probably identify with. "Section five is about books and writing – an assortment of whims, loves, and relationships between reader, writer, and the printed word. 'So the years passed. It might take him all day to write one sentence. If he published it, by God, he meant it.' " The final section, not including the epic final namesake poem, "Reindeer Camps", is about Sutter's "love of his wife, her bravery, her loveliness and her absence." The final words of the review call Reindeer Camps an "excellent collection and a philosophic poetry tinged with humor and insight." Make sure you check out this Spring 2012 release from BOA Edition's; it's one that you won't want to miss! reindeer camps Take a look at the entire collection of Sutter's work, or just focus on his newest addition, Reindeer Camps, here!
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