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Tony Leuzzi interviews Craig Morgan Teicher at HTML Giant. Too Much BOA? Never!

[caption id="attachment_1141" align="alignleft" width="274" caption="Craig Morgan Teicher. BOA Author."]Craig Morgan Teicher. BOA Author.[/caption] HTML Giant has turned their "Author Spotlight" on BOA author Craig Morgan Teicher. In the interview, Craig discusses his fable collection, Cradle Book, and says things like, "Sleep and fear have always been closely related to me. What is scarier than sleeping? Who knows what somebody will do to you while you’re sleeping? Or what you will do to yourself while dreaming. Oh—sleep is the scariest thing in the world. It’s like we die every day. To me, silence, fear and sleep are pretty much the same thing." If you think this is a particularly insightful interview, then have we got a book - two books, actually - for you. Craig's new poetry collection, To Keep Love Blurry, will be published by BOA in Sept. 2012. Here's what D.A. Powell says about the collection: "The closing couplet of a sonnet or a Shakespearean scene signals a swift turn and the lingering note of finality that will continue to resonate so dramatically that it literally gives us pause. Teicher takes this familiar pattern as a starting point and varies his reinvention of it so thoroughly as to sound the heavens with its infinite measures. Herein, a long period of grief for which there is no comfort in form. A salacious glance at bodies reined in by exacting rhymes. A liberating push-back against the idea of economy. More play, more improvisation, and more defiantly deadpan humor--this is the vital shot-in-the-arm American poetry needs. And who would have thought it would arrive in such a disarmingly honest voice? The brilliance of these poems is how they renovate not only poetry but language, without pretense, without the declaration of war, without summoning the ghost of Shakespeare in any but the most charming ways. I could live in the mind of these poems and never want to leave. The nice thing is, as a guest at Teicher's party in poetry's honor: I get to dally among the roses." But that's not all! Fall 2012 will also see the BOA publication of a collection of interviews with poets by Tony Leuzzi. Passwords Primeval: 20 American Poets in their Own Words features the best of 5 years of in-depth interviews that Leuzzi has conducted with some of America's most compelling, provocative, and accomplished poets. What names? How about  Billy Collins, Gerald Stern, Jane Hirshfield, Patricia Smith, and Martín Espada, for starters? The book crosses all poetry schools to bring you dispatches from the front lines of American poetry in the words of the poets themselves. For those keeping tabs, BOA's fall 2012 line-up looks like this: The Collected Poems of Lucille Clifton, edited by Kevin Young & Michael S. Glaser, Foreword by Toni Morrison, Afterword by Kevin Young (published Sept 2012) To Keep Love Blurry poems by Craig Morgan Teicher (published Sept 2012) Theophobia poems by Bruce Beasley (published Oct 2012) Passwords Primeval: 20 American Poets in their Own Words interviews by Tony Leuzzi (published Nov 2012) Diadem: Selected Poems of Marosa di Giorgio translated by Adam Giannelli (published Nov 2012) So save your pennies, poetry lovers... there's never too much BOA and you're gonna want all of these in your collection!
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