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Nikola Madzirov in Translation: Continuing the Dialogue of Literature

remnants2jpg_1 Remnants of Another Age, a translated book of poems by Macedonian writer Nikola Madzirov, recently recieved keen praise from Mike Walker of Tottenville Review. A difficult language to access - let alone translate for publication - Madzirov's Macedonian tongue is considered a "rare treat" in literature, and Walker recognizes the risks taken in (as well as the dire necessity for) publishing such a work. Walker clearly has a profound connection to the book and an adept understanding of the poems within it. He comments on the advantage of Madzirov's age - being that he is wonderfully balanced between the past struggles of Communist rule and the difficult time of transition "from Soviet models toward a new day of post-Yugoslavic independence" - yet he speaks with a unqiuely contemporary voice, not consumed by "Soviet tones." Walker emphasizes that Madzirov's poems are rare experiences which should be treasured. He calls them "deep, sturdy, robust creations" that make one feel "in the midst of something grand." He observes that Madzirov's voice comes from a place where history not only lives in textbook pages, but is ingrained in every aspect of society, "natural as leaves and bone in all fabrics of life..." He commends Madrizov's translators for endeavoring to spread his poems around the world, while also managing to keep intact the poet's unique and intended voice. Walker's greatest praise of the book, however, is that it is ready and available for the eyes of English-language readers. He applauds not only Madzirov and his translators, but also BOA, for daring to publish such a complex piece of work for the sake of continuing the dialogue of quality literature. Words like Madzirov's are meant to be read and appreciated by people all over the globe -- and now that chance is here. To read Walker's review, click here. To experience Madzirov's translation for yourself, click here.
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