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Nikola Madzirov's "genuine lyrical voice" is praised in World Literature Today

[caption id="attachment_1032" align="aligncenter" width="205" caption="Nikola Madzirov. BOA poet."]Nikola Madzirov. BOA poet.[/caption] Nikola Madzirov's bilingual Macedonian-English collection of poetry,  Remnants of Another Age (published by BOA Editions), received a glowing review from World Literature Today.  The review comments on the beautiful integration of spiritual and physical, past and future, personal and universal.  Madzirov's poetry evokes elements of mythology which aids in unifying the variety of themes he addresses. Nikola Madzirov interlaces all aspects of reality into lyrical and moving work.  His poetry features both the history of the Balkan region as well as his own personal lived experiences and reflections.  Madzirov looks through historical and mythical perspectives to communicate the "migrations, exiles, and wars that were waged in the Balkans" but also "reveals his private and personal mythology."  Complete with spiritual and physical elements, this collection presents Madzirov's "superbly modern religious imagination" that bring together the past and the present into "the return home" and "the remnants of bygone ages." For the full review, follow the link here.
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