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Dougherty's Energetic Poetry Is "Close to Home"

Sasha Sings Cover A review of Sean Thomas Dougherty's Sasha Sings the Laundry on the Line is in the current issue of H_NG M_N, an online journal of poetry, prose, etc.  The reviewer highlights the book's "back-story," a story in which "Dougherty, a self-described underground sound, makes music of his comings and goings, of his staying home for a while and then traveling out into the world again." The review goes on to note the importance of sound in these lyric poems, which "[hang] these sounds out like shirts and pants and socks between the highest stories, lines of words patterned between our hearing and seeing and speaking with one another, and [ask] us to register the songs of joy and sorrow heard there." Singing Dougherty's praises, the reviewer ends his article with more appreciation for the author and his book: "It's hard to imagine a bigger-hearted collection than Sasha Sings the Laundry on the Line.  If only more poets had the courage and fortitude to fashion poems out of the people they know and love, as well as the strangers they see and hear day to day...." The rest of the review can be read here.
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