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Fogged Clarity on Burning of the Three Fires

In the new issue of Fogged Clarity, poet and critic Scott Hightower takes a smart look at Jeanne Marie Beaumont's new collection, Burning of the Three Fires:  "Burning of the Three Fires is Jeanne Marie Beaumont’s third book. The overriding characteristic of Beaumont’s poems is their exuberant exploration of poetic possibilities; i.e., variation. Beaumont is interested in the modal possibilities of poetry, she is no dabbler. Her interest is smart, abiding – and, ultimately for the reader, rewarding." Read the complete review here [Fogged Clarity on Burning of the Three Fires]
[caption id="attachment_1137" align="aligncenter" width="265" caption="Jeanne Marie Beaumont. BOA poet."]Jeanne Marie Beaumont. BOA poet.[/caption]
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