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Forget bad reviews. Worry about your mom.

"There's no such thing as bad publicity." That's what they say, right? Even a terrible review usually includes a kernel of positivity - and, at the very least, there's the chance that the reviewer's revulsion will spark someone's curiosity. But the best thing about a bad review is that you don't have to sit down to Sunday dinner with the offending reviewer. The best thing to do is read it (or don't), recycle it, and move on with your life. I mean, it's not like they're your... mom. Which brings us to one of the most nerve-wracking experiences an author can face: the presentation of one's book to family members. How will they react? Will they see themselves in your pages? And, once they do, will they like what they see? And when they don't... then what?  As Barbara Jane Reyes says in this illuminating and funny blog post, "Critics, book reviewers, academics, po-biz H8ers got nothing on the fear I felt when I handed my mother her copy of Diwata." Barbara's new collection, Diwata, is hot off the presses and delves heavily into her family history. Read how Barbara handles the "presenation of the book" to her family and also talks about the power of connecting her work back to her family:  [Diwata: Telling and Writing Family Story] bjreyesphoto
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