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The Wall

Yes, we're all excited about Roger Waters' upcoming "The Wall" tour... but this isn't about that (unless you want to give us free tickets, in which case... we'll talk). No, this is even better. Sort of. Introducing the BOA production wall! Production wall 2   You can keep your flat screens, your LCDs, your interconnected gigabyte networked interoffice communication satellite linkups... Give us a white wall, some dry-erase paint, a handful of colorful markers, and watch us go! Suddenly the little BOA office is synched up and running into the 2010-2012 production seasons. With this wall, we can monitor a book as it goes through the process (usually around 2 years) from offering the author a contract to mailing out final review copies, hitting key deadlines and leaping design issues in a single bound.  Roger Waters may sing "Tear down the wall" but we beg to differ! [caption id="attachment_965" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Hall on the wall (Melissa, that is)"]Hall on the wall (Melissa, that is)[/caption]
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