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Washington Post tribute to Lucille Clifton

[caption id="attachment_515" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Lucille Clifton accepting the 2000 National Book Award (AP Photo)"]Lucille Clifton accepting the 2000 National Book Award (AP Photo)[/caption] Matt Schudel wrote a moving tribute to Lucille that appeared in The Washington Post. The piece starts with a striking image from Lucille's girlhood: "When she was a girl, Lucille Clifton sat on her mother's lap and listened to her recite poetry. Her mother never made it through elementary school, but she knew the power of language, and her poems stayed in her daughter's head forever.
But another memory seared itself in young Lucille's memory, too: when her father said no wife of his would be a poet. She watched as her thwarted mother threw her pages of verse into a burning furnace." Read the whole story here: [Washington Post tribute to Lucille Clifton]
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