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Peter Makuck. BOA Poet. Muskrat Trapper?

[caption id="attachment_424" align="alignleft" width="194" caption="Peter Makuck. BOA Poet."]Peter Makuck. BOA Poet.[/caption] We always knew that BOA poet Peter Makuck was a major outdoorsman. His forthcoming collection, Long Lens: New & Selected Poems, includes poems about scuba diving, skiing, fishing, jogging... all sorts of good, healthy, outdoorsy activities. But muskrat trapping? That was a new one to us! Read the fascinating interview with Peter Makuck posted at the Sewanee website and find out why Peter's son called him a "psycho" and why Ted Kooser told Peter he was lucky to have grown up when he did. And, of course, get the lowdown on the whole muskrat trapping situation: [An Interview with Peter Makuck]


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