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Welcome to the BOA Blog!

If you're here, there's a good chance you already know that BOA Editions is one of America's longest-running, most distinguished literary publishers. But that's just the bold print headline. The truth is that BOA is a bustling center of artistic activity. We're not talking about history, we're talking about Today. Now. With 10 books published per year and 33 years worth of active authors out in the world, giving readings, getting reviewed, being interviewed, and spreading their art under the auspices of BOA Editions... we've got a lot to crow about. And this is the place we're going to do it. We intend to share up-to-the-minute information about all the great activity swirling around BOA books and our authors. We also plan on asking our authors to serve as guest-bloggers along the way. So set your bookmarks and prepare to take a brand new look at good ol' BOA Editions!


  • Dear BOA team:

    I am so excited we are up and blogging! And we have lots of good things to blog about…

    Congratulations to Jennifer and Joanna on their reviews. They are well deserved. I am certain there are many more good things to come, for them and for BOA!

    Bernadette Catalana on

  • If you are a woman with an arduous work week, I recommend reading The Uniforms. Heh. Waitress, Nurse while sitting at your desk. Oddly empowering! I love the BOA blog. Spread the word!

    eorlando on

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