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Stories from BOA Readers: #BOATurns40

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Robyn Avery | Rochester, NY

When I open a new book, or even one that I've read a hundred times before, I find myself hoping it’s going to go well. I had difficulty reading when I was young, and, until the age of seven or eight, I was reading far below the reading comprehension expected of me. After years of extra help and nightly reading with my family, I finally figured it out.

After that, I would spend whole days reading book after book. I remember reading one Little House on the Prairie book every day for a week. At the end of the week I was a little bit lost inside of Laura’s world and a lot in love with reading. That made me start devouring books one after another.

It seems like the whole world cracked open in just one week. Logically I know that it took a lot longer to work up to reading on my own, but there seems to have been a distinctive turning point in my proficiency, ability, and adoration of reading. Whenever I open a book now, I recognize how lucky I am to have the skills that I have, despite the projection that I seemed to be on. I haven’t stopped reading since then, and I don’t plan on it.

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