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Whomp and Moonshiver - BOA Editions, Ltd.

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Whomp and Moonshiver

By: Thomas Whitbread

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About This Title

Hardcover and paperback copies available in limited quantities 

This is a first edition, first printing. Book Condition: Fine. This copy has been archived at BOA Editions, Ltd., since its publication. Unread. Ideal collector's copy. Actual cover design may vary. 

Praise for the collection 

"The prevalence of a loose 'naturalness' in contemporary poetry has made the ordinary reader a poor critic when he encounters meter, rhyme, and the like; he can't well distinguish the honest, functional use of such a means from a frilly and obtrusive formalism, and that's too bad. Still, it would take a very ordinary reader to find a culpable artificiality in Thomas Whitbread's poems. Their language has a supple openness, as of an amiable and intelligent man talking; both in its playfulness and in its gravity, it avoids the stagey; and it easily enlists any suitable form in the pursuit and sharpening of its point."—Richard Wilbur

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