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Whomp and Moonshiver

By: Thomas Whitbrea

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"The prevalence of a loose 'naturalness' in contemporary poetry has made the ordinary reader a poor critic when he encounters meter, rhyme, and the like; he can't well distinguish the honest, functional use of such a means from a frilly and obtrusive formalism, and that's too bad.  Still, it would take a very ordinary reader to find a culpable artificiality in Thomas Whitbred's poems.  Their language has a supple openness, as of an amiable and intelligent man talking; both in its playfulness and in its gravity, it avoids the stagey; and it easily enlists any suitable form in the pursuit and sharpening of its point." - Richard Wilbur

Whomp and Moonshiver

Whomp and moonshiver of salt surf on sand,
Beer cans, rocks, seawall: Galveston night vision
Anyseawhere hear-- and seeable, incision
Cut into land, incessant dentist's hand
At drill, letless force, without countermand
Order thump order order thump intermission
Thump order thump thump thump order No Permission
For surfers Danger Deep Holes yet all how grand.

Palls the heart, yet how go on without? Within
Gyrates the heart, at such terrific. If
Heart is the essence of a humane being
And life love, let heart leap to share its thin
Pump with the din about against the stiff
Photograph that succeeds the act of seeing.

© BOA Editions, Ltd 1982

Available editions:
Paperback ISBN: 0-918526-31-0
Price: $7.00
Publishing Date: January 1982