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The Tiger Iris - BOA Editions, Ltd.

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The Tiger Iris

By: Joan Swift

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Moving easily between the natural world and the world of human nature, The Tiger Iris is a collection of poems of bittersweet beauty. Dedicated to Swift's mother, The Tiger Iris explores her life and death in poignant and affectionate poems such as "Stockings" and "Lou"; complementing these are the poems based on events in Swift's own life, stretching from her home in the Northwest to a city on the Gulf of Finland. Rich and emotionally complex, The Tiger Iris is a testament to Swift's ability to transform--in Madeline DeFrees' words--"reverses into poems of astonishing beauty and strength."

This is a first edition, first printing. Book Condition: Fine. This copy has been archived at BOA Editions, Ltd., since its publication. Unread. Ideal collector's copy. Actual cover design may vary.

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