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By: Dinah Cox

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About This Title

Winner of the BOA Short Fiction Prize

Set within the resilient Great Plains, these award-winning stories are marked by the region’s people and landscape, and the distinctive way it is both regressive in its politics yet also stumbling toward something better. While not all stories are explicitly set in Oklahoma, the state is almost a character that is neither protagonist nor antagonist, but instead the weird next-door-neighbor you’re perhaps too ashamed of to take anywhere. Who is the embarrassing one—you or Oklahoma?

Praise for Remarkable

These stories quickly got me smiling, the Bobby Fuller Four’s ‘I Fought the Law’ tingling in my head. Dinah Cox is locked up in the hot Oklahoma sun by Brooklyn juries and sentenced to busting rocks by Iowa City courts. But with Remarkable she is appealing to the other audience who knows common, ordinary people (even if gay), doomed to shit jobs and fast food, who live in the vast, western nowhere. Her characters read funny, as opposed to yawning earnest, and she tells of their pathos—in prose that’s often close to poetry—with way too much fun to be roaming trial free.—Dagoberto Gilb

Dinah Cox’s Remarkable is a book as gentle as a stiletto, as airy as an anvil. Cox observes a cast of misfits and oddballs with the sagacity we usually see only in the stories of Flannery O’Connor. Cox’s characters are rendered via rapier-sharp wit, yet with profound pathos.—Toni Graham, author of The Suicide Club

“Funny, disturbing, and unapologetically smart--the stories in Remarkable sneak into your heart and then break it. We meet Marcella who works at the Telephone Museum and hears imaginary conversations, and the B-movie star of Tumbleweed Town, a sort of Brokeback Mountain meets Deliverance meets The Monkees. The fictive people in this collection, iconoclasts of the Midwest, conjure their own idiosyncratic, surprisingly honest and tender worlds.”—Nona Caspers, author of Heavier than Air: Stories, a NYTBR Editors’ Choice

Publication Date: May 16, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-942683-10-0

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