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Peeping Tom's Cabin

By: X.J. Kennedy

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About This Title

Peeping Tom's Cabin is a collection of light verse for adults composed by acclaimed poet, anthologist, and editor, X.J. Kennedy. An uncompromising formalist, Kennedy uses a broad range of long-standing poetic forms to both honor and skewer all classes of citizen, regardless of their revered place in society. Parents, lovers, lover-wannabes, poetry critics, students, and especially notable literary figures, receive Kennedy's astute comic attention. This collection of light verse includes many poems previously published in journals, but until now have never been collected in a single book. "Widely regarded, and occasionally disregarded, as a practitioner of light verse . . . [X.J. Kennedy] serves his light with a healthy dose of darkness; his best work is a tug of war between levity and gravity." - Eric McHenry, New York Times Book Review

Famous Poems Abbreviated (excerpt) 

Of Man's first disobedience and its fruit
Scripture has told. No need to follow suit.

Once upon a midnight dreary
Blue and lonesome, missed my dearie.
Would I find her? Any hope?
Quoth the raven six times, "Nope."  

Whoosh! --hear the Sea of Faith's withdrawing roar?
So, baby, let's make love tonight, not war.  

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Publishing Date: September 2007