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By: Wayne Dodd

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About This Title

In Is, Wayne Dodd continues his on-going search for a poetry able to incorporate the polyphony of our culture's past, while investigating the insights and implications of quantum physics and the motion and fate of our being. At once lyrical, self-mocking, skeptical, and haunted by loss, Is gives us a complex music and tone for our time. "Throughout his influential career Wayne Dodd has gained strength with each new book. Even so, the power of Is feels unprecedented, unannounced and unanswerable. The authority of the final section, for instance, might rival parts of the Psalms--and yet rivalry is not what this book is about. It is about love, simple and complex. And in its wisdom, it is also funny, and aware of anger." --Bin Ramke


How everything delays
and suspends, complicates

and confuses: the forever
incomplete, beauty

immersed in wishing,
in longing. Oh, her face,

in sunshine, is
and is not

her face in darkness,
curving away, curving away

(neither point nor wave,
both point and wave) the here

as words, the now
as words, mind and matter

in their ceaseless

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Available editions:
Cloth ISBN: 1-929918-40-2
Price: $22.00
Publishing Date: October 2003
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Price: $13.95
Publishing Date: October 2003