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Beast is a Wolf with Brown Fire

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Beast is a Wolf with Brown Fire

By: Barry Wallenstein

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About This Title

"The feeling here is 'urban'a certain removal or distancing combined with keen awareness, the sense of the impersonal wash of night coming over the lonely multitudes amid the surrealistic concrete. . . . The wry, lost energy of these pieces is the lyric voice of its generation."

M.L. Rosenthal


Think of something soft
You know if you inhale
these things will kill

So reconsider the soft
choking you get wise
Think of the pragmatic
or lead
if turned against you
these things too will kill

So you're confused
and ever watchful lest
some sharp blow undo you
You hardly ever sleep
You hire a taster for your food
and outside
you never spit
into the wind

© BOA Editions, Ltd. 1997