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Christmas at the Four Corners of the Earth - BOA Editions, Ltd.

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Christmas at the Four Corners of the Earth

By: Blaise Cendrars

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The twelve trans-realist prose sketches in Blaise Cendrar's Christmas at the Four Corners of the Earth take the reader to Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Rotterdam, China, New Mexico, New Zealand, the Ardennes Forest, and the south Atlantic ocean. Working together they are antithesis to sentimental Christmas stories. Illustrated by Denzil Walker.

This is a first printing of the first edition. Cloth binding. Copies have been archived at BOA Editions, Ltd. since publication and are in good condition with minimal shelf wearing. Unread. Ideal collector's copy.

Praise for the collection

"In Christmas at the Four Corners of the Earth by the poet Blaise Cendrars—a leading figure in the Paris of Appollinaire and Picasso—each Christmas, pleasurable or grotesque, is evoked in brilliant detail. Everything that happens, it appears, is a matter of chance, but the poet chooses . . . Christmas, and the pieces fly together and give us a life that is like no other." —Louis Simpson  

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