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Desire Lines: New and Selected Poems - BOA Editions, Ltd.

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Desire Lines: New and Selected Poems

By: Lola Haskins

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About This Title

The poems in Desire Lines, both new and selected, give shape to the desires we must nourish in ourselves if we are to retain our compassion. As such, the poems collaborate as a series of variations on the theme of desire, much like the way a motif weaves through a piece of music or a thread through a tapestry. Although Haskins seldom writes autobiographically, many of her poems give voice to other women, both historical and imagined. Haskins is an accomplished pianist and her poetry is flush with music, tonalities and modulations. Fittingly, there are ample poems from her celebrated 1990 collection, Forty-Four Ambitions for the Piano as well as three dozen new poems.

Appoggiatura and Fermata

Fermata, the older sister, envies
Appoggiatura's easy grace, covets
the way she slides downstairs
on silvery heels. Appoggiatura

teases Dad until he beams, changes
into honey for Mom. Alone, she
wanders room to room. She is real
only in the mirror of someone's face.

Fermata can stay quite still while
the last curve of sun flashes
green at the edge of the sea.
Whatever she is, she is forever.

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Publishing Date: June 2004