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Muslim voices celebrated with renowned poetry exhibit







Poets House and City Lore are currently celebrating Poetic Voices of the Muslim Worldan initiative the two organizations have co-developed over the last decade. Having just returned to New York City after a four-year, 11-city tour, Poetic Voices of the Muslim World is an exhibit that highlights "the many poetries and poetic traditions from diverse Muslim cultures across Asia, Africa, and the US." Poignant for our current moment, it also "celebrates poetry from most of the countries targeted by the travel ban."

We are moved to see the important words of Syrian poet Adonis and translator Khaled Mattawa, among so many others, come alive through this exhibit.

Adonis is the author of Mihyar of Damascus: His Songs, translated by Adnan Haydar and Michael Beard (BOA, 2008); and Khaled Mattawa is the translator of Miracle Maker: The Selected Poems of Fadhil Al-Azzawi (BOA, 2003).

In the words of Adonis, translated by Mattawa:

          From nothing
          where meaning
          wanders in the wilds
          love comes, and remains strange
          wider than we had pictured, and higher

An official announcement from the organizations states, "At Poets House and City Lore, we believe that poetry and humanity flourish without borders and benefit from intercultural exchange. We hope you’ll advocate for the storytellers, singers, poets, and artists of all kinds, as well as your friends and neighbors from these countries."

The exhibit is on view now at City Lore’s gallery and cultural center at 56 E. First Street, open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can also take a virtual tour of the exhibit at

For more information about Mihyar of Damascus: His Songs and Miracle Maker: The Selected Poems of Fadhil Al-Azzawi, visit the BOA Bookstore.


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