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THE SECRET OF HOA SEN called 'powerful'

Nguyen Phan Que Mai’s The Secret of Hoa Sen was recently praised as "powerful" by David Willson of the Vietnam Veterans of America.

The review notes Que Mai’s ability to express unimaginable pain in such beauty: "'Quang Tri' is another powerful one, a poem of loss and death. It should be read by those who are ignorant of the human cost of the war for the Vietnamese. 'Babylift' also brings home, in a hard-hitting but poetic way, how good intentions often sow tragic consequences."

Willson discusses the effect that Que Mai’s book can have on readers who themselves served during the Vietnam War, especially those who deal directly with effects the war had on those who lived through it. Willson agrees with Que Mai that “the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is ‘Black, silent, / the silent answer for thousands of questions.’ But the questions must still be asked.”

Willson concludes: "Poetry is an effective and beautiful way to deal with the horrific aspects of war that have marked all of us. Those who have been avoiding Vietnam War poetry should try this book. You might find it surprisingly affecting."

Click here to read the complete VVA review.

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