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Poker News Daily recommends EDUCATION

Poker News Daily has placed James McManus' The Education of a Poker Player on its list of poker-related stocking stuffers! With the holiday season well upon us, reviewer Earl Burton suggests "a couple of books out there that might interest the poker fan in a person’s life."

Calling Education "whimsical," Burton says: "author James McManus – the author of the seminal poker work Positively Fifth Street – has stepped back into the literary world, but not exactly with something that is entirely poker-related. While it is titled The Education of a Poker Player, McManus’ book is more a coming-of-age story rather than a great treatise on the game of poker. For some, this might be a turn off but, for myself, I found the book to be quite refreshing."

While not a strategy guide - it "isn’t going to make you a better card player" - Education is a poker book worth picking up. "The story of McManus’ main character is probably someone that all of us would see if we looked in the mirror. For many of us, poker was a game that we learned at a young age and has captured us ever since. It has become a part of us, even though there are those that would prefer we didn’t follow that path, and McManus’ lead character exemplifies many of the obstacles that we potentially faced. It also tracks through some of the most distressing moments of the 1960s, including President John Kennedy’s assassination.

isn’t going to give you a way to sniff out that river bluff or a magic wand to get someone to move all in over the nuts. What it will give you is a little better appreciation of the game, perhaps a remembrance of how you got your start, and bring a smile to your face as you relive those memories."

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And grab your stocking stuffer here!

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