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Jackpot: The Education of a Poker Player is a 'thoroughly refreshing read'

TheEducationPokerPlayer_Bookstore Jackpot UK recently reviewed The Education of a Poker Player by New York Times-bestselling author James McManus, calling it a "thoroughly refreshing read" and a "coming of age snapshot" for protagonist Vincent Killeen. Reviewer Sam Marsden notes how the book nods to the original poker classic by Herbert O. Yardley, which was - in its time - "a groundbreaking instruction manual for the burgeoning poker world on how they could win at the game . . . it is clearly a significant text in James McManus’ Education because these stories, molded into a novella, revolve around the pivotal moment when the hero receives the book as a gift. "We get a wonderfully, surreal, naïve view of the world through Vince’s young, impressionable explorations and encounters . . . this protected world is fleetingly exposed on a visit to New York to stay with his grandparents. About 12 years old, Vince’s grandparents let him drink, swim with girls in the lake, and – shock horror – play poker." According to Marsden, "It’s rare to come across a fictional book about poker these days that you actually want to read all the way through to the end. In fact, it’s rare in this world of endless strategy books, to find anything fiction at all. "The Education of a Poker Player is a thoroughly refreshing read, and you know that with McManus you’re going to get an engaging journey. McManus has been there and done it, and he certainly speaks with the voice of experience." Click here to read more of the entire Jackpot review. The Education of a Poker Player is available now only at the BOA Bookstore until its October publication date. Order today and get your copy early!
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