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NewPages calls TESTAMENT 'ambitious and athletic, 'ever-climbing'

Testament_Front In a glowing new review, NewPages calls G.C. Waldrep's Testament "ambitious and athletic, ever-climbing toward a breakthrough." "We see right away what sort of virtuosity—one hundred and thirty pages of it—lies before us: the precision of image, the sonority of language, the diversity of tone and approach. And good god that lexicon." Reviewer Ryo Yamaguchi says: "...this is, to me, pure Waldrep, a distillate of his finest maneuvers, and in many ways the most ambitious of his meditational efforts. To that end, this is a rangy poem, shifting and cycling back on itself, plumbing and measuring and reassessing in a long stream of discursions separated into five parts and, dividing those, regular intervals of glyphs. What has always impressed me about Waldrep is the high quality of his images, which always seem to glow with a perfect balance of scientific precision and emotional resonance." Yamaguchi's conclusion? "Testament is the sort of poem you have to wander through. . . . The results can be messy, and not everything here fully arrests, but the endurance of attention has great rewards, and the poem promises lasting power and new insights with each reread." Click here to read the full NewPages review. Testament is available now at the BOA Bookstore.
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