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Huffington Post interview with Nin Andrews on WHY GOD IS A WOMAN

WhyGodIsAWoman_Front In a new "Part and Parcel" interview for Huffington Post," BOA poet Nin Andrews speaks with Hannah Stephenson about her new book Why God Is a Woman. Discussing how she came up with the concept for the magical island depicted in her book, as well as her fascinating characters, Andrews also addresses gender roles, philosophy, and a splash of religion. According to Stephenson, "Nin Andrews brilliantly subverts our notions about gender, identity, appearance, and value. She invents a utopian island where women are known for being biologically wired to be hard-working and in positions of power (while looking like Angelina Jolie); in contrast, men are soft, lovely, weak, domestic, and assigned to master a text called 'Relinquishing Self.' Men make 70 cents on the dollar as compared to women's salaries, and are often harassed or victimized for their beauty." She continues: "What amazes me about these prose poems is that they are never gimmicky. Truly, they are believable, painful anecdotes told to us by a male speaker on this Island. I found myself immediately feeling empathy for this speaker, finding some of the poems sad or funny or alarming. But Andrews also forces us to see that her Island is eerily familiar, and that our own notions of gender and identity are indeed sad, funny, alarming, and in desperate need of critique." Click here to read the complete Huffington Post interview with Nin Andrews. Why God Is a Woman is available for purchase at the BOA Bookstore.
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