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COPIA 'provides abundace, holds nothing in reserve'

Copia_Bookstore Erika Meitner's poetry collection Copia has been in the recent spotlight! According to a Scout Poetry review of the collection, "Erika Meitner creates a tenuous balance, simultaneously reaching into the unknowable future and the immutable past. The reader feels this tense equilibrium immediately as the opening poems address bygone and potential lovers while acknowledging the speaker’s immediate and contented suburban domestic life. . . . Copia, as its title suggests, provides abundance. Rather than filter and parse, it holds nothing in reserve and asks for an equal measure of openness from its reader, inviting participation and, perhaps, action." In an interview with Devil's Lake, Erika Meitner opens up about the poetry process: "I don't really think about composing a book at all when I'm writing poems. I write what feels most compelling to me at any given moment," she says. Copia reflects on several "un-poetic" experiences. Rather than intentionally adding these elements to her poetry, Meitner says she simply stopped removing them from her work: "I feel like life (for most people) usually takes place in doctor's waiting rooms and Jiffy Lube waiting rooms and public restrooms and office parks. I happen to live in a lovely mountain town, but when things happen to me that feel notable or poem-worthy, I'm somehow never located in a pastoral place. I'm usually in my car in a parking lot." Click here for the full Scout Poetry review. Click here to read the full Devil's Lake interview. Copia is available now at the BOA Bookstore. April is National Poetry Month! Now through April 30, get FREE SHIPPING on any BOA Bookstore order(s)! Because we love poetry, and we love you.
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